Vandalism and Graffiti Cleanup

Vandalism and graffiti can range from relatively minor pranks to malicious destruction of property. Simple acts of vandalism, like breaking a window, can cause a water damage that leads to mold damage.

Our franchise responds to vandalism in stages.  

First, we board up any affected structure like broken windows or doors.  Board up is important to prevent the weather from coming in and causing water damage to the property.  Board ups also signal to the public that the property is being maintained which then discourages theft.  When necessary, we also have 24 hour security to watch over your property. Live security is important if weather conditions prevent our team from securing your property immediately.  

Our next step is to clean the interior of the property.  If anything was broken inside or a water damage happened, our technicians will perform a full cleanup of the property.

Finally, our reconstruction division can fix or replace anything that was permanently damaged.

SERVPRO of North Irving is a trusted leader in the fire or water emergency restoration industry.  We are also an experienced and professional cleaning company. We are a locally owned and operated business.  Our franchise has helped many Dallas Fort Worth homes and commercial properties that have experienced vandalism or graffiti.  

We’re ready to help.  Call any time.

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SERVPRO of North Irving will act quickly to remove vandalism and graffiti from home and commercial spaces. In addition to removing spray-painted graffiti from exterior walls, we can also clean driveways, walkways, asphalt, metals, wood, glass, plastic, and masonry. Our highly trained technicians can offer the following services: