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Garage Requires Fire Damage Restoration in Dallas

What is Fire Damage? Fire damage is damage caused to a property as a result of any kind of fire. Fire damage restoration involves smoke odor deodorization, soo... READ MORE

Carpet Restoration Services in Dallas, Texas

What is Carpet Restoration? Carpet restoration is the process of cleaning your carpets after they have been heavily soiled either as a result of regular wear an... READ MORE

School Gym Needs Commercial Water Damage Restoration in Dallas

Water Trapped Underneath Floor in Dallas A leaking pipe caused this Dallas school’s basketball court to flood over a weekend. While the water was quickly... READ MORE

Reconstruction After Water Damaged Hardwood Floor

Water Damage in Dallas, TXAfter a short vacation, a homeowner returned to their Dallas home and walked into water damage. Under normal circumstances, hardwood ... READ MORE

Contamination Level ATP Testing in Dallas, Texas

This athletic facility in Dallas, Texas was tested for contamination levels. We used ATP testing to prove contamination levels. ATP--adenosine triphosphate--i... READ MORE

Fire Damaged Roof Causes Smoke and Water Damage In Dallas Home

Fire Damaged Roof Causes Smoke and Water Damage In Dallas Home This Dallas home suffered a fire damage, which destroyed a portion of its roof. Fire fighting ef... READ MORE

Water Damage Restoration in Dallas After Storm

Storm Debris Causes Property Damage A Dallas storm caused this customer’s tree to break and fall onto his property. When we arrived and saw the size of t... READ MORE

Ceiling Collapses After Water Damage in Dallas

Emergency Water Damage Restoration in Dallas Emergency water restoration in Dallas was needed after a water heater leak caused water to pool in this home’... READ MORE

Condo Needs Water Damage Restoration in Dallas

Water Cleanup in Dallas, TXWhen the upstairs in this Dallas condo flooded, the water created a stream down the stairs. When we arrived to do water damage clean... READ MORE

Apartment Complex Roof Damaged by Fire in Dallas, Texas

Roof replacement is not always expedient. When a customer has to wait for their roof to be replaced, we’re called in for emergency roof tarping. Our cre... READ MORE