Recent Before & After Photos

Contamination Level ATP Testing in Dallas, Texas

This athletic facility in Dallas, Texas was tested for contamination levels.  We used ATP testing to prove contamination levels.  ATP--adenosine triph... READ MORE

Fire Damaged Roof Causes Smoke and Water Damage In Dallas Home

Fire Damaged Roof Causes Smoke and Water Damage In Dallas HomeThis Dallas home suffered a fire damage, which destroyed a portion of its roof.  Fire fightin... READ MORE

Storm Causes Tree to Break, Fall on Dallas, Home

A storm caused this customer’s tree to break and fall onto his property.  The home’s roof suffered major damage and needed an emergency board u... READ MORE

Attic Water Leak Causes Ceiling Collapse in Ennis, Texas

A water damage resulted after a water heater leak caused water to pool in this Ennis home.  The weight of the water caused the ceiling to collapse, causing... READ MORE

Water Damage Soaks Stairwell in Dallas Condo

A water damage upstairs caused water to stream down this Dallas condo, soaking the stairwell.  After the source of the water leak was shut off, our crews b... READ MORE

Apartment Complex Roof Damaged by Fire in Dallas, Texas

Roof replacement is not always expedient.  When a customer has to wait for their roof to be replaced, we’re called in for emergency roof tarping. &nb... READ MORE

Fire Damaged Roof at Apartment Complex in Dallas, Texas

A fire at a Dallas, Texas apartment complex damaged several units.  SERVPRO of North Irving was called for emergency roof tarping and board up services.&nb... READ MORE

Fire Damaged Apartment in Dallas, Texas

This Dallas, Texas apartment complex suffered from fire damage.  Our crews responded by first performing emergency board up services to the side of the apa... READ MORE

Mold Growth Inside Wall After Pipe Leak in Plano, Texas

This home in Plano, Texas experienced mold growth inside their wall after a slow pipe leak.  When it was discovered, both water mitigation and mold remedia... READ MORE

Mold Affected Leather Remediated in Dallas, Texas

This leather horse saddle was affected by mold when it's storage location experienced a water damage.  While our field crews mitigated the customer's water... READ MORE