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Proving Cleanliness on Hard Surfaces in Dallas

2/12/2018 (Permalink)

ATP Testing in Dallas This shower floor in Plano was ATP tested prior to cleaning. Its score was 3,263--a fail. A passing score on a non-porous material is 10 or less.

Proving Cleanliness on Hard Surfaces

Contamination on hard surfaces happens everywhere -- schools, gyms, stores, homes, and hospitals.  It happens everywhere!

We have been servicing Dallas homes and businesses for 30 years.  We have dealt with all types of contamination, and we have helped thousands of people sanitize their environment.  We have seen it all, and we can help you through it all.

When SERVPRO is called to sanitize an environment, we test for contamination levels before and after cleaning.  For us, the Dallas biohazard cleaning process isn’t just about spraying chemicals and wiping them off. Our cleaning process scientifically proves the success of our work.

Dallas Testing for Cleanliness Using an ATP Test

We use ATP testing to prove contamination levels.  ATP -- adenosine triphosphate -- is found in all living cells.  Anything alive has ATP. The greater the ATP level, the greater the microbial contamination.  

We take an ATP sample of different surfaces before and after they are cleaned, and this is how we prove:

  1. If your surface is dirty enough to warrant professional cleaning, and
  2. That our team has successfully sanitized the area after cleanup

Our primary purpose in testing for ATP is to prove our results and ensure the safety of our customers.  If any item fails to receive a passing ATP score, the area is cleaned again at no added cost to the customers.  Our process is thorough and gives our customers peace of mind.

When a cleaning project is done through an insurance claim, we are sometimes asked by insurance companies and adjusters to prove our work.  This is understandable. They want to make sure their customers are taken care of, too. When this happens, we happily share our photo and paper documentation of our results.

ATP Sampling

How does ATP work?  The process is simple but requires training.   Our technicians are trained to wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) to the contamination site.  We follow strict safety protocols.

First, we use an ATP Sampling Swab and swab the surface area of the affected surface.  The swab is coated with a detergent that lifts ATP from the item. This detergent will not damage the material it touches.  It dries in just seconds.

Then, we moisten the ATP swab with a bioluminescent reagent which will make the ATP create light.  The amount of light that is created is directly correlated to the amount of ATP.

Finally, we insert the wet swab into an ATP meter to measure our results.  The result we receive is in Relative Light Units (RLU). Using this data, our technicians know the level of contamination.  

Our measurement for hard surface, non porous contamination is:

  • Pass:  =<10 RLU
  • Fail: >10 RLU

A Pass score puts the item at a food grade safe level, meaning it is clean enough to prepare food on without the risk of contamination.  When we clean an item, we often get a passing score on our first try in about ten minutes.

If an item receives a fail score, it will be cleaned again.

The Cleaning Process

SERVPRO ensures our cleaning process is objective and science based.  We use EPA registered disinfectants with antimicrobial, mildewcide, bactericide, fungicide, and deodorant properties.  

Our disinfectants helps prevent:

  • Bacteria that causes allergies
  • Disease causing bacteria including MSRA (staph infection bacteria)
  • Gram negative bacteria (salmonella, E. coli)
  • Fungi
  • Mold
  • Mildew

The specific disinfectant we choose for your project will depend on the type of contamination present.  

After pre testing the area and finding the trouble spots, our technicians will apply the correct disinfectant.  We will do this in one pass and allow the chemical the appropriate dwell time for it to be completely effective.  After dwell time, our technicians will clean the area and get any remaining chemical spray off. Afterward, we will perform an ATP post test to make sure it’s clean.

All pre and post test ATP results are documented and can be provided to you at the end of the project.

Odor Removal

If odor is a concern, we can use a fragrance free version of a deodorizer, which contains all the same bacteria eliminating properties.  We can also temporarily install an air scrubber with carbon and HEPA filtration for the duration of the cleaning process.

Proven Clean

When it comes to health and safety, looking clean isn’t good enough.  Trust us to decontaminate your living space with the highest quality disinfectants and scientific testing tools available today.  

Trusted Leader in Water Damage Restoration and Fire Damage Restoration in Dallas Texas

SERVPRO of North Irving is a water damage restoration and fire and smoke damage restoration company in Dallas Texas.  We have performed work in the Dallas community for over 30 years. We also have a Texas Mold Remediation Contractor License and offer free mold inspections.

Our crews are available to dispatch for 24-hour emergencies every day of the year. We can be reached 24/7 at (972) 986-7677.  Call us any time!

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