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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service Dallas

1/17/2018 (Permalink)

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Dallas, Texas A clean, healthy office carpet helps set the first impression your customers have when they walk into your business.

Commercial carpets are a big investment.  They are meant to last, but with so much foot traffic, taking care of them is necessary. Besides vacuuming the carpet regularly, your commercial carpet should also be deep cleaned.  This will extend its life and keep it looking well kept and professional.

A clean, healthy office carpet helps set the first impression your customers have when they walk into your business. Besides aesthetics, keeping a clean carpet also helps provide healthy indoor air quality.

Carpets are also the place where airborne particles and other dirt gathers over time. Office carpet cleaning also provides a clean and safe environment for your employees.   

Office Carpet Cleaning can:

  • Eliminate most stains.   
  • Extend the life of your carpet.
  • Reduce wear.
  • Maintain your carpet’s color and texture.
  • Clean only high traffic areas or your entire carpet.
  • Work after hours to prevent business interruptions.

Other Commercial Cleaning Companies & Carpet Cleaning Cost

Many of our competitors often give commercial properties a bid for carpet cleaning but are not upfront about hidden costs.  When the carpet also needs spot removal, sanitation, or specialized odor removal, that low budget bid suddenly becomes expensive.  

We don’t do this.  When we give businesses a bid for commercial carpet cleaning, our first bid is our last.  We will not spring surprise surcharges to your bill.

Our Professional Carpet Cleaning Technique

Our Dallas carpet cleaning technicians will:

  • Assess the best technique to clean your commercial carpet.  We will often use deep cleaning using hot water extraction.
  • Apply spot treatments where necessary at no extra charge.
  • Apply sanitizer.
  • Apply odor removal or a light fragrance at your request.
  • Your carpet will be dry and ready to use again within 1-2 hours depending on your building’s humidity.

How Often Should You Clean Your Carpet?

Different environments have a number of effects on your commercial carpet.  We typically recommend commercial carpets be deep cleaned once to twice a year when food is not consumed on the carpet.  However, if you notice a build up of dirt on your floors, it’s time to schedule a cleaning.

Regularly Scheduled Industrial Cleaning Services

We work with many businesses that require deep carpet cleaning services year-round.  Our clients are businesses in the hospitality industry, education, government, and medical services.

If you’d like to schedule a regular commercial carpet cleaning, we’re happy to help.  Give us a call today for a free consultation and bid.

Other Business Cleaning Services

Besides commercial carpet cleaning, we also provide:

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Enlisting the role of professionals for Dallas air duct cleaning improves the air quality of your property.  When dust is allowed to accumulate in the HVAC system, many people end up suffering from allergy symptoms like sneezing, coughing, and headaches. In climates with warm air and high humidity, dirty air ducts also become hot spots for mold growth.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services

Commercial kitchens require deep cleaning every day.  When restaurants want to make sure they will pass an upcoming health inspection, they call us.  We verify the cleanliness of their kitchens. We accomplish this by providing ATP testing and cleaning any remaining trouble spots.

ATP Testing

We approach cleaning tasks with an objective and science-based approach.  We use ATP testing to prove contamination levels. ATP -- adenosine triphosphate -- is found in all living cells.  Anything alive has ATP. The greater the ATP level, the greater the microbial contamination.

We take an ATP sample before and after cleaning.  We test before cleaning to prove that the item is contaminated enough to warrant professional cleaning.  Then, we test after cleaning to prove it's been sanitized successfully.

Dallas Biohazard Cleanup

Accidents happen everywhere.  Whether it be a business, hotel, school, or athletic facility, we are ready to respond to any biohazard cleanup situation.  Our technicians are professionally trained to clean up after all kinds of trauma situations where bloodborne pathogens are present.  We will clean your property discreetly and dispose of items legally.

Construction Debris Removal

Construction debris removal is more than just removing leftover materials.  The amount of dust created during construction is usually the most problematic culprit.  We take HEPA vacuums to capture all fine dust particles and remove it from the commercial property’s walls and floors.  Many times, commercial air duct cleaning is also needed.

Commercial Mold Cleanup

We have a Texas Mold Remediation Contractor license and have helped many businesses in North Texas with mold removal.  We have experience remediating mold of all sizes and types. We offer free mold inspections and bids. Our mold restoration technicians can work at any time during the day to minimize or avoid business interruption while we abate the mold damage.

Request a Free Cleaning Bid

Give us a call.  We’ll head over to your property and prepare a free bid.  

Trusted Leader in Water and Fire Damage Restoration in Dallas Texas

SERVPRO of North Irving is a water damage restoration and fire and smoke damage restoration company in Dallas Texas. We have performed work in Dallas for over 30 years.  We also have a Texas Mold Remediation Contractor License and offer free mold inspections.

Our crews are available dispatch for 24-hour emergencies every day of the year. We can be reached 24/7 at (972) 986-7677.  Call us any time!

“Like it never even happened,” only happens here.

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