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How to Prevent Mold in Storage Containers in Dallas

7/27/2020 (Permalink)

storage container Moldy storage containers? The Dallas mold remediation experts at SERVPRO provide extensive mold removal and prevention solutions.

Storage containers hold things for later. Eat the leftovers later. Wear those sweaters later in the year. Put up the holiday decorations even later.

But sometimes when you go to retrieve what we stored away, it’s not as you left it. What you wanted to preserve is not worth saving anymore. A plastic bin in the attic was eaten through by rodents. One of the kids pulled one thing out and didn’t put the lid back on. 

But what about the damage that happens even when a sealed container wasn’t even tampered with? How does damage happen in that case? Mold. 

SERVPRO does its fair share of mold removal in the Dallas area, so we know all about how mold behaves. To promote a healthier community, we share our mold prevention tips. Read on to learn how to prevent mold in storage containers.

What Causes Mold Inside of Dallas Storage Containers?

Mold stands to ruin whatever it shares a container with. This could be food, clothing, books, or anything mold spores can attach to and live on.

Mold thrives in tucked-away spaces. It feeds off of dirt and sprouts in moisture. When you place something wet or even slightly moist into a container, mold is prepared to start growing as soon as you close the lid.

1. Choose High-Quality Boxes and Storage Containers

How well do your containers seal? Mold issues may be a sign of containers that don’t seal properly.

Moisture and mold spores sneak through small gaps around the lid or cracks in old containers. Dirt and heat (like our hot Dallas summers) also contribute to mold growth progression.

With some items, you wouldn’t want to leave it to chance. For instance, baby keepsakes, family quilts, and bridal gowns. For irreplaceable cloth material items, vacuum-sealed bags are more protective.

If it’s something you wouldn’t want to be ruined, be sure to store it safely in a well-made and flawless container. 

If that antique gown or precious quilt does get ruined by mold, call our SERVPRO for location in Dallas, TX, for details about our textile recovery Esporta wash system.

2. Clean and Dry Items Before Putting Them Into Storage

The most important tip for how to prevent mold in storage containers is to make sure items are clean but more importantly, that they are completely dry.

Even slight dampness is enough to encourage some mold growth, so inspect each article for any sign of moisture. Anything is found to be at all wet or damp should be given time to dry before it’s packed up.

3. Use Desiccators Inside the Containers

Shoeboxes are a popular container. We repurpose them to mail things off, wrap gifts, hold art supplies, etc. You’ve probably noticed these little desiccators packets labeled “silica gel” tucked in these shoeboxes. As you buy new shoes, you may want to start saving these.

These little helpers are a moisture absorber for storage boxes. If it’s a challenge to keep moisture out of a certain area, drop a few into the container for good measure.

But they do have a shelf life. They do last a good while but they don’t absorb moisture forever. If you’ll be storing things for several years. Keep this in mind if you plan to store things for a few years or longer.

4. Allow For Airflow

Airflow promotes a healthy environment by promoting ventilation. Sometimes unwanted things end up in the air. Think about how you would open a window to clear out an odor, like burned microwave popcorn. Keeping the air moving prevents mold spores from hanging around.

Airflow helps things dry out quickly and more completely. Ventilation carries wetness out of a room to reduce the chance of trapped moisture in the space.

Consider spreading out stacks of containers in such a way that allows airflow in the storage space or add fans for extra ventilation.

5. Find a Climate-Controlled Unit in Dallas

Dallas doesn’t get to be quite as humid as the coastal areas of the state, but that doesn’t mean that wetness won’t get into a unit and cause molding storage. 

Summer rains can make things a bit steamy out there. The roof might leak. However moisture gets in, that leads to mold in a storage unit. Choosing a facility with climate-controlled units ensures that your possessions are safe and dry in a cool and well-ventilated space.

Recap of how to prevent mold in storage containers:

  • The container should be in great shape and completely clean (vinegar is ideal for cleaning plastic containers). Allow the container to completely dry out before using for storage.
  • The contents of the container should also be clean and completely dry.
  • Storage spaces should be well ventilated and climate-controlled.
  • Consider storing textiles in vacuum-sealed bags. These work best as clothing containers.
  • Consider adding silica gel packets (desiccators) to storage containers for extra protection. 

Professional Mold Removal Services in Dallas

SERVPRO of North Irving team fights toxic mold at every turn. Our Dallas mold remediation experts have extensive experience in mold removal and prevention solutions.

We’re available 24/7 for Dallas mold removal services. Our mold remediation process is thorough as we make it like it never happened.

Call us any time at (972) 986-7677 to schedule a free consultation or for any questions you have about eliminating and preventing mold growth. We’re here to help when you need us.

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