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Biohazard Cleanup in Dallas

1/31/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of North Irving is a Dallas based biohazard cleaning company. We have serviced DFW since 1986.

What is a biohazard cleanup?

A biohazard cleanup is a term used to cover a wide range of cleaning that is related to biological fluids and materials.  There are a number of causes that could warrant a biohazard cleanup, otherwise known as biohazard remediation.  Accidental death, unattended death, suicide, and crime scene cleanup are the most frequent causes that require biohazard cleaning.  However, there is really no limit to the potential causes that may require a professional biohazard company to perform bioremediation work.

An easier way to approach the question is to take into consideration what needs to be cleaned.  Any biological fluid (anything originating from within a human), including blood, feces, vomit, and more, are all potentially harmful if not properly disposed of.  Common incidents that require biohazard cleanup involve death.

Due to the nature of potential health hazards because of exposure to biological fluids, the cleanup process is thorough and extensive.  Our trained technicians are equipped with proper Personal Protective Equipment and specialized tools to clean any biohazardous material properly and safely.  

Bioremediation examples we’ve cleaned include:

The nature and extent of the cleaning will determine the necessary steps in biohazard cleanup.

When should I call a biohazard cleaning company?

The affected area in a biohazard cleanup needs to be treated as soon as possible.  Understandably, in the case of unattended deaths, this may not occur.  In many other situations, it is important to call SERVPRO of North Irving and set up a time for cleaning.  

There are a number of reasons you should call quickly.  As biological fluids deteriorate on surfaces in your home or business, they begin to let off an odor that can quickly transform the area uninhabitable.  Biological fluids, such as blood, easily seep through cracks and holes.  This makes the remediation work more difficult by the day. What one might consider a small issue can quickly turn into an odor that renders the area unlivable.  The longer an odor lingers in the affected area, the more drastic measures will be needed to properly complete the bioremediation.

If you find yourself asking when you should call about a biohazard cleanup, the answer is probably right now.

Why do I need a professional to handle biohazard cleanup and biohazard waste?

The longer it takes to get a biohazard cleaned, the more risk there is to anyone in contact with the site of bloodborne pathogens.  Biohazard risks are a major concern and the reason that remediation has to be done properly and professionally.  In this case, out of sight, out of mind isn't safe.  One cannot simply wipe or hose off the affected area and expect the issue to be resolved.  In fact, bloodborne pathogens are more hazardous than you would expect.  Every 1 in 24 Americans have HIV, Hepatitis B, or Hepatitis C.  These diseases, and the risk of exposure, cannot be taken lightly.

These bloodborne pathogens can survive up to 16 days after the death, meaning the risk continues long after the incident that necessitates a biohazard cleanup.  Because of such serious risks, our crews follow all safety protocols and contain, sanitize, and decontaminate all affected and potentially affected areas.

Our teams use specialized disinfectants and sanitizers to guarantee a safe environment after cleaning.  Some materials and items are not safe to remain in the residence or building.  These biohazardous waste items need to be properly disposed of in biohazard disposal bags.  These bags are then boxed and taken for proper medical incineration disposal.  Disposal of this material is required by law and is one of many reasons you need a professional to handle your biohazardous needs.

There are plenty of cleaning crews that might say they can take care of your bioremediation needs, but all cleaning should be handled by experienced crews.

SERVPRO of North Irving is always here to help

When it comes to choosing the right people for your bioremediation, there are a few things to consider.  You want a company with experienced biohazard cleaning certified technicians.  Our franchise has serviced Dallas Fort Worth for over 30 years, and we have technicians ready to help.  We have completed biohazard cleaning for all kinds of situations including crime scenes, trauma, and suicide cleanup.

With partnerships around the DFW Metroplex for safe disposal of biohazardous waste, our team at SERVPRO of North Irving has the knowledge, experience, and resources to make your biohazard situation, “Like like it never happened.”

We understand that these calls are often the result of life-changing events, like and untimely deaths.  Our staff is professional, patient, and empathetic towards your needs.

We know biohazard cleaning situations aren’t easy, and we are here to help.  

Our crews are available dispatch for 24-hour emergencies every day of the year.  We can be reached 24/7 at (972) 986-7677.  Call us any time.

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Written by: Brendan Gillette

Hoarding Cleanup Services

5/3/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of North Irving offers hoarding cleanup services to all of Dallas Fort Worth. Photo:

Hoarding Cleanup Services

We are often called to clean and restore properties with hoarding conditions after a fire or water damage.  Many hoarding situations require biohazard cleanup depending on the items being hoarded.  

No matter the type of hoarding help needed, our team has the experience to handle different types of scenarios, even before a damage has occurred.

Hoarding Hazards

  • Hoarding can create cramped living conditions and fill a home to its capacity.  Often, only narrow pathways are available to move from room to room, and the number of items prevents the use of normal living space.  
  • Accumulation can be in every room of the house and may spread to the garage, vehicles, and yard.
  • When there are many items in a room, a fire hazard is caused.  This is due to blocked exits and excessive smoke caused by so many items burning at once.
  • Unsanitary conditions that pose a risk to health may occur.  Keeping a clean environment becomes difficult with a large number of items in a room.  We encounter this when our technicians have to clean around hoarded items as we try to perform water damage restoration.
  • A person who hoards may also choose to collect unsanitary items.
  • Hoarding may cause injury or getting trapped by shifting or falling items.
  • Hoarding may lead to legal issues such as eviction.

Hoarding Services

SERVPRO of North Irving offers hoarding cleanup services, including biohazard clean up involving bloodborne pathogens.  We are a full service cleaning company.

We are prepared to:

  • Inventory, sort, and pack items of value.

Many times, the decision of which items to keep and which to throw away are made by the disaster in the house. In the case of fire damages, many items are often destroyed beyond salvage.  In other instances, a family member or friend will help our client determine which items to keep and which to let go of.

  • If needed, kept items will be transported to our facility for cleaning and storage.

In the case of a water damage or fire damage, the affected items are sanitized.  When there is no disaster, it’s the client’s choice to have their belongings cleaned.  The items are kept in our long term storage until the client is ready to receive them again either at a new location or when their home is rebuilt.

  • Gather and dispose of items that require being thrown away.

Our technicians will inventory the items they can identify and report them to our customer’s insurance company.  Afterward, they are thrown away along with other debris.

  • Identification and cleanup of hazardous contaminants.

Safety is always our top priority, both for our crews and our customers.  If we find hazardous conditions, we will advise everyone but trained technicians to keep away from the area until it has been sanitized.  Our technicians will put on the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and clean up the biohazardous condition they find. Everything will be bagged according to law and disposed of properly.

  • Deep clean of the entire home, including the garage and yard.

When a disaster like a water damage, fire damage, or mold is combined with hoarding conditions, we often recommend that the entire house is deep cleaned for the safety of its occupant.  Deep cleaning includes wet washing carpets, wall cleaning, and air duct cleaning.

  • If any part of the property is permanently damaged, our reconstruction team will rebuild it.

This situation is only warranted when the disaster that affected the home caused permanent damage.  In most cases, water does not do it. Mold and fire damage restoration often do require this level of restoration.

  • If requested, we can provide our services in unmarked vehicles for your privacy.

Your privacy is important to us.  We understand that some homeowners may be embarrassed by the situation they find themselves in and don’t want any added attention to what is happening to their property.  We will do our best to accommodate requests for the use of unmarked vehicles.

Fire and Water Damage or Mold with Hoarding

If we are cleaning a hoarder’s house after a water damage or fire damage, we will also do the following:

  • Perform water damage restoration services such as water removal and drying.

Because water soaks into everything and gets into small crevices, we need to have access to every area of an affected room.  We also need to have room to properly set up our professional drying equipment in the location and quantity the property needs.  For this reason, accumulation of items that inhibit us will have to move.

  • Perform fire damage restoration services.

We will immediately provide emergency roof tarping and board up.  This helps keep the weather outside of the property and cause additional damage.  We will work with our client’s insurance company to also get approval for smoke damage restoration, deodorization, permanent roof replacement, moving and storage services, contents and textile cleaning, and reconstruction.  

  • Perform mold remediation services such as mold inspection and mold removal.

We have a Texas Mold Remediation Contractor license, and we’ve helped many homes with all different types of mold and mold growth sizes.  

When hoarding begins to seriously affect the daily life of your friend or loved one, we’re to help.  Call us today to schedule a free consultation.

Trusted Leader in Water Damage Restoration and Fire Damage Restoration in Dallas Texas

SERVPRO of North Irving is a water damage restoration and fire and smoke damage restoration company in Dallas Texas.  We have performed work in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Plano, McKinney, Grapevine, Waxahachie, Midlothian, Ennis, and other North Texas communities for over 30 years.  We also have a Texas Mold Remediation Contractor License and offer free mold inspections.

Our crews are available dispatch for 24 hour emergencies every day of the year. We can be reached 24/7 at (972) 986-7677.  Call us any time!

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“Like it never even happened.” only happens here.


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End of Life or Unattended Death Cleanup Dallas

5/3/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of North Irving performs unattended death cleanup in Dallas and other North Texas communities.

End of Life and Unattended Death Cleanup

No two jobs are ever alike, but at SERVPRO of North Irving, one thing remains constant -- our team’s professionalism, compassion, and respect for privacy.  This is especially true when we receive requests from family members and friends asking us to clean and remediate their home after the death of a loved one.

Cleanup After the Funeral Home: Natural Causes

End of life events may or may not be in the presence of loved ones.  At times, a person may unexpectedly pass away and time passes before the event has been discovered.  In this case, the situation becomes a biohazard cleanup.  Our team comes in after the funeral home has removed the body.  At that point, it is our responsibility to remove all biohazard and bloodborne contaminated material in order to make the property safe.

Cleanup After The Coroner: Homicide, Suicide, or Suspicious Death

In other unfortunate instances, end of life events occur due to accidental trauma or involve a crime scene.  

After the coroner is finished, our cleanup process remains the same:

  • We wait to be granted access to the property.  In most cases, this comes from a family member or the deceased’s trusted friend.  In the case of a crime scene, we must have police approval before beginning any cleanup procedures.
  • Death cleanups are not pleasant for anyone who knew the deceased, and we will do all we can to help them avoid the scene if they choose.  
  • Even if a family members or friend wants to be present, we do not ask anyone but our trained technicians to be present while the cleanup occurs.  
  • To avoid family member interaction with the cleanup scene until it’s finished, we arrange for access to the home or building using a secured method like a lock box.
  • After we have access, we will complete a full assessment of the property.
  • Then, we will remove all biohazard contaminated items, such as carpeting, clothing, bedding, furniture, etcetera.
  • If needed, we will also remove any affected subfloors.
  • If the death occurred on a top story, we will check the bottom story room for affected areas.  If any are found, the same process continues in the room.
  • The walls will also be cleaned and disinfected if affected.
  • If any smell remains after affected items have been removed, we will perform odor removal and deodorization services in the property.
  • If any flooring has had to be removed, our reconstruction team will rebuild the affected areas.  We have rebuilt damaged walls, subfloors, and replaced carpeting and wood floors.
  • If requested, the remainder of the home will also be deep cleaned, including air duct cleaning.  
  • Many times, the family simply wants to sell the property.  This happens often and is understandable. In this instance, we will remove all items from inside the house.  The items are packed up and moved to our cleaning facility for storage. The family can then have the items moved to another location, or they may authorize us to throw them away.

Cleanup with Hoarding

In the case of a hoarding situation, we will use specialized materials and techniques to lawfully clean and dispose of contaminated items.  

After Cleanup

Our team’s goal is to remove all affected items and smells so a family member doesn’t have to live with negative visual or sensory memories of their loved one’s passing.

Once affected items and smells have been taken care of, we notify the friend or family member.  It is at this point that the property is safe for anyone to come in and begin to organize, clean, or remove the deceased’s belongings.  

Moving Services and Storage Service

In some cases, we’re also asked to organize, document, clean, and pack all belongings and take them to long term storage.  When the loved one is ready, we deliver all stored items at a location and time of their convenience.

Your Privacy

We understand a family’s need for privacy during this time.  If requested, we will perform our work in an unmarked vehicle to avoid attracting any unnecessary attention.  

Trusted Leader in Water Damage Restoration and Fire Damage Restoration in Dallas Texas

SERVPRO of North Irving is a water damage restoration and fire and smoke damage restoration company in Dallas Texas.  We have performed work in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Plano, McKinney, Grapevine, Waxahachie, Midlothian, Ennis, and other North Texas communities for over 30 years.  We also have a Texas Mold Remediation Contractor License and offer free mold inspections.

Our crews are available dispatch for 24 hour emergencies every day of the year. We can be reached 24/7 at (972) 986-7677.  Call us any time!

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“Like it never even happened.” only happens here.