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How to Remove Mold from Clothes

1/11/2018 (Permalink)

Mold on boots These mold affected boots were restored by our Esporta mold remediation specialists after they were in a water damage.

How to Remove Mold from Clothes

It happens more often than we think.  A water damage happens on a 3 day weekend.  When you come back, not only do you have a water damage on your property, but you see that your closet is wet and you now have mold on your clothes and all your pairs of shoes.  How do you get rid of mold?

We’ve seen articles online about removing mold from clothing.  The formula often involves a bristled brush, a spray bottle, and some sort of liquid like rubbing alcohol or white vinegar.  Sometimes, baking soda is also involved. You may be able to remove the mold from the surface of the textile, but about the remaining mold -- the spores that are embedded into the fabric itself?  You’re going to need more than a bristle brush to take care of that.

Mold Remediation Process

It’s time to start the water damage and mold removal process.  What should you do?

  1. Take care of your water damage.  This is the most important step because it impacts the home you’re living in.  The longer water is allowed to stand, the more thoroughly it will soak everything and have the possibility of causing secondary damage to your floors and carpets.  Without water damage remediation, mold can begin growing in as little as 48 hours.
  2. Ask for a mold inspection.  A reputable mold restoration company will be able to inspect your property for free and find the trouble areas that need to be remediated.  Make sure you hire someone with a Texas Mold Remediation Contractor License.
  3. Hire a mold remediation company that can remove mold from clothing in house.   Ask if they can remove the mold from your clothes at their own facilities.  There are two reasons to ask this. First, any portion of your job that is subcontracted will add to your bill, and the least expensive choice is usually to choose a company that can do the mold cleanup themselves.  Second, sending your moldy clothes to a traditional dry cleaner is not a good idea. Dry cleaners traditionally do not have the proper equipment and certification to remove mold. If the company you’ve hired says yes, they should be able to take any affected clothing, shoes, etcetera and immediately take them back for cleaning.  
  4. Ask about their mold remediation process.  
    1. How will I know my clothing is safe to wear again?
    2. What if I need some clothing back soon?
    3. When will I receive my items back?
    4. Will you work with my insurance company so textile mold removal can be part of my claim?

We are Full Service Mold Experts

SERVPRO of North Irving is one of the few full service mold abatement companies in North Texas.  We can take care of your water damage, home mold removal, and we are certified by the Esporta Wash System to remove mold from your clothing.

Available 24 hours a Day

We’re available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.  We can be at your door in 4 hours or less to mitigate your water damage.

Esporta Certified to Remove Mold From Clothes

We are one of the few Esporta Certified firms in Dallas Fort Worth.  Unlike traditional dry cleaners and many of our competitors, we can clean mold affected textiles at our own in house cleaning facility.

    1. We’ve successfully cleaned over 100,000 items.  Our mold remediation process literally pushes the mold spores out of clothing using hydraulic pressure.
    2. We have mold specialists that know how to remove mold and mildew from clothing and shoes.  We have cleaned every type of clothing and textile, including leather shoes.  When we clean leather with mold or mildew, we put it in a specialized cold wash and let it air dry in a humidity controlled room.  After its dry, your cleaned leather will be moisturized.
    3. Most items are ready to be returned within 2 weeks.
    4. We also offer a 72 hour emergency item cleanup where we clean clothing you need to continue living your life while the rest of your wardrobe is getting finished.  We deliver all items back to you.

We Offer ATP Testing

We prove your clothes are clean and safe to wear again.  We use ATP testing to scientifically prove they’re food grade clean and safe to handle again.

We Work With All Insurance Companies

We work with all insurance providers to ask for your textile cleaning to be part of your claim.  Since we do not have access to your insurance policy, we can never say anything definitive until we speak with your adjuster.  In many, clothing mold removal is covered.

How to Prevent Mold After a Water Damage?  Act Quickly.

Water that is not cleaned up will permanently damage almost anything in your home.  Call us as soon as you see a water damage on your property.

Likewise, mold will also destroy what it is growing on if it's not remediated quickly.  Mold can eat clothing, leather, and even walls.

If you have mold affected clothing, we will take them back to our facilities and immediately get in contact with your insurance to try to get your claim approved.  The faster we can remediate your items, the higher the chance of your textiles being saved.

Trusted Leader in Water Damage Restoration and Fire Damage Restoration in Dallas Texas

SERVPRO of North Irving is a water damage restoration and fire and smoke damage restoration company in Dallas Texas.  We have performed work in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Plano, McKinney, Grapevine, Waxahachie, Midlothian, Ennis, and other North Texas communities for over 30 years.  We also have a Texas Mold Remediation Contractor License and offer free mold inspections.

Our crews are available dispatch for 24 hour emergencies every day of the year. We can be reached 24/7 at (972) 986-7677.  Call us any time!

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