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Dallas Water Damage Repair Costs

12/15/2020 (Permalink)

dallas water damage repair If you find water damage in your home, contact the Dallas restoration professionals at SERVPRO for a free water damage repair cost estimate.

In 2018, the city of Dallas, TX initiated 84 improvement projects that combat flooding, prevent erosion, and correct storm drainage flaws.

As Dallas-area property owners become aware of the potential threat of flash flooding, plumbing emergencies, or wastewater infrastructure failure, they are soon to become familiar with water damage repair costs.

Your Dallas-area SERVPRO is prepared for any sized disaster, and we’re here to help property owners be prepared too. In this guide, we will share what all goes into flood damage repair costs and how insurance may offset these expenses. 

Water Repair Cost Factor #1: Water Categories

When an influx of water creates a toxic situation, this would incur sewage backup cleanup costs. Professional water damage restoration technicians use a water contamination category structure to assess the damage. 

Category 1: Clean Water 

Clean water is considered low risk and comes from a treated water source like a broken internal pipe. While considered clean, this water is at risk of becoming contaminated and progressing to category 2 if not addressed. Bacteria and molds will begin to grow in standing water.

The cleaning industry clean water cleanup averages between $3.75 and $4.00 per square foot.

Category 2: Gray Water 

“Gray water” has become contaminated with unsafe levels of microorganisms, chemicals, waste (like urine), or toxins. If ingested, people or animals could become ill.

The cleaning industry range for gray water cleanup averages between $4.50 and $4.75 per square foot. 

Category 3: Black Water

“Black water” is considered a significant health hazard and should be handled by trained professionals. At this level, the water is tainted with raw sewage, human waste, fertilizers, garbage, motor oil, etc.

The average cleaning industry costs at this stage range between $7.00 and $7.25 per square foot.

The above price figures do not necessarily reflect SERVPRO’s rates. Please contact us anytime for no-obligation pricing information.

Repair Cost Factor #2: Amount of Water Damage

Unfortunately, water damage to property doesn’t dry out like wet laundry. Once water penetrates carpeting, wood, drywall, furniture, etc., these may not completely dry out.

When materials remain wet and damp, they are likely to rot and become a hotbed for toxic mold growth. The breadth and depth of water damage to the property structure and contents is a primary factor in water damage repair costs. 

Repair Cost Factor #3: Area of Home Damaged

Because water damage restoration costs depend on what kind of materials need to be replaced and restored, expenses vary depending on what part of the home or business sustains the damage.


Depending on the type of roof you have, the work can be complex. Flaws in a roof can lead to additional water damage and rot. If the structure is rotting, there is a risk that you might fall through during a repair. 

Professional roofers know how to safely work around this situation. A minor roof repair may cost up to $400 while extensive repairs may cost well over $1,000.

Ceiling Repair

If ceiling damage is caught early, a DIY patch may fix it. However, if the ceiling is bowing downward, there may be gallons of water about to break through. Handling a ceiling that is about to collapse may be dangerous, so we recommend you hire a professional.

Ceiling water damage repair cost is between $278-$781 but a major repair could cost as much as $1,500.

Basement Damage

There are several ways a basement would be damaged by water. Window well leaks you may be able to fix on your own, but structural damage around the walls of your basement warrant professional help.

Water damage repair costs such as sealing basement leaks range between $500-$1,000, however, basement cracking repair is between $250-$800. Major foundation issues may cost up to $10,000 to cure. 


Drywall replacement from water damage can be a DIY project, but property owners may lack the experience or the time required for that polished look that blends in with the rest of the fixtures. 

The average cost for drywall repair is $240, but if several walls need to be fixed, this would multiply.

Flooring and Hardwood

Flooring rehabilitation can be a DIY project, but as with drywall, property owners may not have the skill or time to do quality work.

Flood damage repair costs depend on the kind of floor. Vinyl flooring replacement is $787-$2,821, and hardwood flooring repairs average between $441 and $1,418.


With a flooded bathroom scenario, there would probably be damaged flooring, drywall, and baseboards. Damaged cabinets and mold remediation would add to the expense.

Again, property owners may not have the skill level or the time for all that a bathroom project entails, so hiring professionals is preferred.

Here’s a breakdown of bathroom leak repair costs based on national averages.

  • Vinyl flooring: $1,400
  • Drywall: $240
  • Minor mold remediation: $500
  • Vanity repair: $606

Total: $2,746

The above estimates do not necessarily reflect SERVPRO’s rates. Please contact us anytime for no-obligation pricing information.

Average Water Damage Repair Costs

Average water damage repair costs vary depending on where you live. The national average cost for water damage repairs is $2,967.

The average water damage repair costs in the greater Dallas area are $3,649. In Dallas, the low-end repair costs are $385 while the high-end costs balloon to $14,500.

The estimates given do not necessarily reflect SERVPRO’s rates. Please contact us anytime for no-obligation pricing information.

Water Damage Cost Calculator

With all the variables involved, costs for water damage repair depends on the specific location of the property. This fluctuates between zip codes and neighborhoods.

Curious about what it would cost to repair water damage to your property? You can get Dallas water damage restoration figures specific to your address with the Home Advisor water damage cost calculator

Does Insurance Cover Water Damage?

Homeowners’ insurance typically covers some water damage, but when damage is due to neglect or flooding, a claim may be denied. Properties in a high-risk area (such as flood plains) are prime candidates for supplemental flood coverage. Contact your insurance company for guidance.

If you do intend to file a claim with your insurance company, you should always document the water damage with photos and videos.

Contact SERVPRO for Water Damage Repair in Dallas, TX

Water damage restoration costs are determined by several factors including water contamination, the extent of damage, and which structures need the repairs. Repairing water damage costs may be high, but if left unaddressed toxic mold will start to colonize.

SERVPRO Dallas has been a top choice in water damage repair service for decades. We’ve worked with countless insurance companies to make sure the claims process goes smoothly while ensuring the repairs are done efficiently. 

Our water damage repair goal is to make it "Like it never even happened," so you can get back to life as usual ASAP. Call us at (972) 986-7677 for free pricing or with any questions you have about water damage repair costs.

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