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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Wind Damage in Dallas?

8/20/2020 (Permalink)

interior shot of a blue roof tarp You will likely need a windstorm insurance rider to be covered for wind damage. Call us at (972) 986-7677 for a free hail and wind damage estimate.

Typically, homeowner's insurance will cover wind damage if you have an additional rider that specifically covers windstorms.  Call your insurance company and ask to verify what your policy covers. 

What Does Windstorm Insurance Cover?

Windstorm insurance covers damage caused by gusty wind events, which are typically seen during hurricanes, gales, and tornadoes.  A major windstorm occurred in Mid August of 2020 in Iowa, called a Derecho.  The Iowa Derecho was responsible for wind speeds of up to 140 MPH and millions of dollars of damage.  

Windstorm insurance is a specialty type of insurance, and is usually an added rider to a typical property-casualty insurance policy.  In other words, windstorm insurance is an additional type of insurance you need to purchase if you live in an area prone to strong wind storms. 

Call for a Free Wind and Hail Damage Estimate

If your property has wind and or hail damage, we’re ready to help.  We accept all insurance claims, and we’ll work with your adjuster to help get your property back to preloss condition. 

We offer:

  • Roof repair or replacement
  • Board-up
  • Roof tarping
  • Debris cleanup
  • Water damage restoration (if the wind damage caused water to enter your property)
  • Reconstruction

Call us at (972) 986-7677 or contact us online anytime.  Estimates for wind and hail damage in Dallas and surrounding communities are free. 

Is Wind Damage Insurance Worth It?

If you live in an area prone to wind damage, then wind damage insurance is likely a good investment for your property.  Your local insurance brokers can explain the likelihood of wind damage occurring in your area, and they will be able to give you estimates to add this rider to your existing insurance policy.  

When you have estimates for this insurance, ask yourself about how much it would cost you to pay for wind damage out-of-pocket.  Typical wind damage causes roof damage where either some or all of your roof may need to be replaced.  Roof repairs and replacement can range from a few thousand dollars to $10,000+. 

In many instances, paying for a loss yourself will be much more expensive than even years of paying for a wind damage insurance rider. 

Where to Buy Wind and Hail Insurance

If you already have an insurance agent, give them a call to see if their insurance company offers riders for wind and hail insurance.  It’s almost certain that they will.  Work with them to understand:

  • What exactly your current policy covers today in regards to wind and hail damage
  • How much a rider for wind and hail damage will cost
  • What exactly the additional insurance will cover
  • If there are any exceptions to your insurance company covering your loss
  • What your deductible will be if you do need to file a claim

How Your Wind and Hail Deductible is Handled

When one of our clients’ properties sustains wind or hail damage, they typically give us a call immediately after the damage has occurred.  The reason to act fast is to help prevent further damage to your property.  If your insurance company finds that you did not act quickly, they may find you negligible and may not pay for the damage they’d consider to have been preventable. 

After a call, the process is:

  • We visit your property to conduct an inspection of the damage.  We will take photo documentation and measurements. 
  • On the same visit, we’ll also perform emergency services.  These can include roof tarping and board-up.  
    • Roof tarps are thick, water-resistant pieces of plastic that are firmly attached to your roof to help prevent anything from entering the property. 
    • Board-ups are pieces of wood that are attached over broken windows, doors, and exterior portions of a property.  They help prevent weather from entering the property, and they also discourage unwanted intrusion from people and animals. 
  • If your property has water damage, that will also be taken care of on the first trip. 
  • Once the emergency services are done, we will create an estimate to repair the damaged parts of the property.  We offer:
    • Roof repair and replacement
    • Exterior repairs
    • Window replacement
    • Door replacement 
  • If this is part of an insurance claim, the estimate is presented to your adjuster.  Once they approve it, we can get started on repairing your property.  If this is not an insurance claim or your customer denies coverage, then we will work with you directly to complete the restoration process. 

We’re a Damage Restoration Company in Dallas

We’re a SERVPRO in Dallas with over 30 years of experience in the damage restoration industry.  We’ve seen and restored many properties after wind and hail damage, and we know how to help you, too.  

We helped the city of Wylie, Texas recover after a major hailstorm in 2016, and we also traveled to Iowa to help the state's recovery efforts after the 2020 Derecho.  

Our managers and technicians are certified, professional, and have years of experience to help restore your property correctly after any kind of storm damage

Contact us anytime for a free estimate: (972) 986-7677.  

We’re Here to Help. 

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